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The Bike aka 'Cecelia' is a BMW S1000RR motorcycle with modifications that include carbon fibre wheels and a Full Titanium Competition Race Exhaust System coupled with a custom flash of the ECU from Hilltop racing. With upgraded brakes, and a custom suspension set up in all user modes help her to stop and handle like a dream.

She comes dressed in all black with a carbon fibre belly pan, carbon fibre infills and a carbon fibre tank cover. Brakes have been upgraded to a brembo Corsa Corta RCS brake master cylinder and brembo M50 calipers.

On the Dyno she registered over 205bhp (202bhp before map) at the rear wheel after a custom Hilltop Racing remap but that only tells half the story. Power delivery is silky smooth but extremely responsive thanks to the custom map. The electronic aids which have also been tweaked as part of the 'Hilltop Map' to be smoother and

less intrusive and also less aggressive in their interruption. The difference in the electronics were subtle, yet have made a difference that has transformed the bike to be faster and easier to ride, both on track and off. 

She has crisp and quick steering while maintaining great stability, thanks to the suspension set up, right up to the last tenth where she'll get bit of a wiggle on as she's launching toward the horizon with the greatest velocity. 

In town she is well behaved and extremely easy to ride. Cecelia or 'Cece' as she likes to be called, is a remarkable machine both on the road and on the race track. Super fast yet, super comfortable for such a high performance machine. She always maintains her classy nature wherever she goes and sounds every bit as good as she looks. Everybody loves to see her pull up on the high street or ride past when they see her in the mountain passes where she sings her loudest.

Every day is a good day when out riding with Cece.

Hooligan to the core she is the heart of Hooligan Jeans Official and is an inspiration to the brand.

If you would like to get your motorcycle remapped go to and enjoy the benefits of a custom flash as I have with Cece.

Cecilia side view Hooligan Jeans Official logo sticker
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