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Engine Tuning and Rebuilding

We can perform the tuning and blueprinting work that is not cost effective for OE manufacturers to carry out, liberating more power from your engine. Whether you want a blown engine rebuilding, ports gas flowing, some different camshafts fitting, or a full race engine build, we can help. Our Rolls Royce trained engineers work to the highest, most precise standards with impeccable attention to detail not found in your average workshop.

Classic Part Recreation. Bespoke Part Design and Manufacture

Improvements in technologies such as 3D scanning and printing allow our engineers to recreate no longer available parts for your beloved machine. From plastics to engine internals we can fabricate almost anything. Contact us with your needs for a bespoke quote.

ECU Remapping

We call ourselves 'remappers' because that is the colloquial term that everyone understands, but actually we write engine management software. This is much more complex, time-consuming work but means we have several advantages over conventional remappers:

1. We don't touch the original factory software, so there's no chance of us ruining your ECU. Our software goes onto unused space on the ECU and interacts with the original software as necessary (to allow functionality such as immobilisers, ABS braking, traction control etc.)

2. We're not stuck with the legacy of anything the manufacturer creates that's less than ideal in functionality (some manufacturers' software is much better than others).

3. Our software is self-learning, so you can change exhausts, air filters etc. without needing the ECU programmed again. This also means that the bike will perform optimally in all climates and at all altitudes.

4. Our software is invisible and cannot be seen by your dealer or anyone else, so your warranty will not be affected.

5. Customer guarantee, if you are not 100% happy with our work simply come back within 21 days and we will remove our flash and give you a full refund. 

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