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CeCe dressed in carbon Hooligan Jeans Official

Hooligan Jeans

Live Young Ride Free

Allow me to introduce you to Cecilia. The Heart of Hooligan Jeans Official.
Cecilia (as you may well know already) is a BMW S1000RR gen 3 model with a blue printed engine.

She has been tastefully modified and gently sprinkled in carbon fibre.

She is a proud member of the Hooligan Jeans Official Family, a Motorcycle Clothing company with petrol running

through our veins. Those with a keen eye will soon notice the full titanium competition race exhaust system

but what you cant see is the flashed ECU upping the power and beefing up the mid range punch to ensure

she is one of the fastest street bikes out there without major engine work.

She also has a set of Dymag Carbon Fibre wheels that are currently fitted with Supercorsa sc2 compound tyres

for the race track, which is of course her favourite place, which allow her talents to really shine through.

To make sure she stops with urgance, she has also been fitted with Brembo ORO discs and Brembo M50 callipers.

She really is a special machine and you can really feel this when she's on the move. As comfortable as she is, the high positioned Gilles rear sets make long journeys hard work as you do need to stretch often but once you show her to the twisties, she'll then really show you a good time. Still with the standard DDC suspension, she has been well set up in each mode to make her very useable, comfortable and handle like a dream.. Even in the slower modes,

on almost every road (or track). All Motorcycle Clothing is tested using Cecilia.

On long tours, commutes and spirited rides, it's safe to say they'll be worn while riding Cece. 

We don't just stand By Our Product.. We Ride In Them !!

Live Young Ride Free 

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