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Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans (black other)

Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans (black other)

Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Jeans in Black with a semi faded design to give our Premium Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans a unique look.


Our Kevlar Protective Motorcycle Jeans are designed with 3 things in mind..


The first and foremost is Safety!

With the the Kevlar lining, you can depend on its high abrasion and tear resistance to keep your skin safe from harm. The Kevlar Lining is carefully placed in the most common slide and impact zones: From the top of the leg, along the thighs and of course the rear end and hips all have Kevlar Protection. You also have Kevlar Lining around the knees and top of your shins also.

The impact protection comes in the form of CE approved armour for your knees and hips.

The armour is shaped and contoured to contour the curves of your hips and knees for a better fit (comfort) and better protection.

The second is comfort..
Riding a motorcycle demands your full undivided attention.

Being uncomfortable when riding can be one of the biggest distractions, even more so than other road users and even pedestrians. In order to limit this to a bare minimum, our Jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% lycra for maximum comfort. This gives an element of stretch that allows us to move freely without restriction or snagging and pinching, for the highest possible comfort levels. The 'light feeling' cotton material makes them the perfect summer riding jeans, whilst in winter it is still possible to wear a base layer and keep your valuables warm.
With this in mind we understand that our Jeans must be flexible, soft to the touch, have an element of stretch and of course the most important, the cut (the shape) of the Jeans. The Jeans are cut in a way that when seated, they do not pinch or grab or even snag in the vital areas, nor do they squeeze the Crown Jewles. With all these features plus deep pockets that wont squeeze your items against your leg or pinch when seated on the motorcycle.

You can ride all day in your Hooligan Jeans and still feel fresh, thanks to the high quality denim. Even in the highest of summer temperatures, once moving, the breeze will flow and keep you comfortable without compromising on safety. Once the weather cools down, the stretch element allows you to wear a base layer to keep warm while still remaining completely comfortable in your movements. The slight boot cut allows your Hooligan Jeans to sit nicely over touring boots but will not go over race boots. We do not recomending tucking your jeans into your race boot. It is not a good look !! 

A snug fit is important for safety but that shouldn't mean you have to compromise on comfort..

Hooligan Jeans Official Protective Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans do just that .. keep you safe without compromising on comfort.


The third is style..

With their faded frontal design giving subtle hints, it becomes aparant that our Jeans are designed to be worn to the bike meets, as well as for the rides. Going on a date night ?? You can now take the bike without having to compromise on your efforts to impress. 

Hooligan Jeans Official have got you covered. Impressive off the bike as well as on.

With our 100% cotton Hooligan T-shirts to match, as well as Hooligan Hoodies for the cooler months, theres no reason you can't look stylish when out for a ride or riding to an event.

Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Jeans, Hoodies and T-shirts are designed are made for the rider.

They are made for the Hooligan. They are made for you !!


Attention to detail is second to none. Take closer look to reveal the Hooligan Jeans Official logo laser etched on the rivets and of course the button on the waist. Protection and comfort are priority but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on style, right ?? 


With our official Hooligan Kevlar Jeans you can have it all. So stand above from average and enter into premium as you show your inner Hooligan with these unique and stylish protective CE approved armoured jeans.


All Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Jeans come equipped with removable CE approved armour in the knees and hips.


Get yours today


Live Young Ride Free

  • Sizes

    Our Hooligan Jeans Official Kevlar Jeans are a regular fit cut with a generous length leg. If you are unsure or would like more details on these or any other products in our catalogue, please get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

    Sizes are for waist and length is proportioned accordingly so.

    Our jeans are european sizes and could differ to your countrys sizing. please contact us if you are unsure of what size you need.

    Thank you for shopping with Hooligan Jeans Official and welcome to the family.

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